The gadgets make everything easy and quick … Right?

The adage “time is money” goes a long way toward explaining our business. And there’s another … “The job always fills the time available”. And if it doesn’t, we manage to change the job until it does … even with tech advances that should increase free time.

A rather long article in The Economist plumbs the wisdom of the ages to come up with the reason why we often feel busy. And it’s been that way forever.

The article reports that Seneca, in the first century, was startled by how little people seemed to value their lives as they were living them —Windup Man how busy, terribly busy, everyone seemed to be, mortal in their fears, immortal in their desires and wasteful of their time. He noticed how even wealthy people hustled their lives along, ruing their fortune, anticipating a time in the future when they would rest. “Life is long if you know how to use it,” he counselled.

A bit later, in 1962, de Grazia closed “Of Time, Work and Leisure” with the following prescription:

“Lean back under a tree, put your arms behind your head, wonder at the pass we’ve come to, smile and remember that the beginnings and ends of man’s every great enterprise are untidy.”

The takeaway? Many of us equate time with money, and we skimp on one in order to acquire more of the other. And Time goes by even faster as we get older.

It’s past time to stop and celebrate life … not money. Click HERE for the full article.

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