A front-page article in the AZ Republic from a few years back documents the ongoing Sun City Evolution, the significant “shifts” in this concept-originating community.

But I believe “transition” may be more descriptive than “evolution” of what’s going on there. We have managed a good many purchase and sale transactions over the years in Sun City and there seems to be a very significant difference these days in the mindset of the residents. In their own words, residents use to say “People move to Sun City as a place to die.”, and would note with dread the recent count of a particular type of ambulance passing-by that was a fairly common occurence.

These days, people move to Sun City as a place to live, actively.

A good many Sun City homes are being remodeled inside and out to reflect modern design, appliances and conveniences, and the results can be amazing considering the rather “square, block-construction” nature of the homes, but the “new” Sun City is even more fundamentally different in a very good way.

Congratulations to Catherine Reagor and the other writers of this article. I’ve been critical of AZ Republic real estate reporting over the years, but they got this one right and it’s a very noteworthy issue.

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