Tibits likely of interest to owners of Arizona real estate

Water Heater System – Your Choices Matter

Water Heater … Boring! Right? Well, not so fast! … especially if you are considering the purchase of a new to-be-built home, but also if you are considering some significant remodeling. Long pipe-runs from the water heater to the kitchen and/or bath rooms will add significantly to energy costs unless the system is designed to … Continued

Home Remodel Truisms

Don’t be surprised when your current contractor informs you that any former contractor “had no clue what they were doing.” A contractor “bid” is some truth that comes with high probability of added truth to come later. To many contractors, “tomorrow” refers to some indefinite future time. Materials “on back order” are materials needing to be subjected to a “change order”. The … Continued

Homeowner Property Insurance

Our homeowner insurance policy renews in early December, so I’m considering all the issues, again. In the same process a couple of years ago, using the magic of the Internet for research, reviews, gossip, etc., I learned about “premium creep”. Insurers “low-ball” that first year premium then steadily raise the rate year after year. Reviewing … Continued

Your Home as an Investment

Especially since the housing debacle in the USA since mid-2004, the “smart”, financially sound view regarding where you live as an investment is a critical issue to the majority of us. Rent verses buy; big house verses smaller house; max loan verses no loan; vacation home, yes or no; investment property, yes or no  … are just some of … Continued