Did you pick the right city?

This may come as a surprise … in the metro-Phoenix area, it doesn’t matter much where you live … the property tax will be about the same for your home no matter where it’s located.

Property Tax by City-Town

Included here is the important part of a property tax report published by the Maricopa County Treasurer last September. This table illustrates why some homeowners express outrage on newspaper editorial pages, in social media and elsewhere about the “ridiculous” assessment rate being applied to their residential property.

Indeed, as this table shows, the assessed rate per $100k of Full Cash Value (FCV) varies greatly between the towns and cities.

Except … those complaining are either unaware or ignoring the other “factor” in determining the tax … the value.

Notice that Carefree has the lowest assessment rate, but the third highest average tax in the entire table. And Youngtown is toward the top for assessment rate, but has a low average tax.

Fact is, if the very same property in all respects existed in each of the communities in this list, the actual tax would be about the same for every one of them … the difference in value due to location would be balanced by the difference in the assessment rate for that location.

And,as you may recall, you were/are applying a set of criteria in the search for your home … you were/are looking for essentially the same property everywhere you went looking.

The tax on that property is going to be about the same no matter which location you choose. There are exceptions, of course, but nearly the same property tax is going to apply more often than not.




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