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Brain Management – Do-able and Needed

Does brain activity cause you sleeping problems? Are you slow getting tasks underway in  the morning? Do important issues frequently get overlooked? Well, these and other such stresses happen to me and I believe I’ve found a cure. First, it seems to me that brain “clutter” is the root problem, which is unavoidable in modern-day … Continued

Tortilla Flat

Tortilla Flat is, literally, a “wide spot in the road”, yet it’s been on every AZ map I’ve seen for 60 years. Originally it was a “change station”.  Mules pulling construction materials up the road to build Roosevelt dam were switched for a fresh team. Now it’s a general store and a saloon, i.e., a … Continued

Fannie selling big block of metro Phoenix homes

Colony Capital, a company based in Santa Monica CA, is in the process of buying 1000 metro Phoenix homes for $34 million from Fannie Mae, according to a recent article in the Arizona Republic, in one of the most convoluted deals ever contrived. Although “buying” seems a rather loose description. According to the article, Fannie … Continued

Hedge funds buying metro Phoenix homes

The April 21, 2012 headline in the Arizona Republic … click for the full story Phoenix metro becomes virtual investor’s housing market According to the article … “The most prolific homebuyers are New York-based Blackstone Real Estate, Los Angeles-based Colony Capital and Scottsdale-based American Residential Properties. Those groups alone have purchased more than 3,000 houses … Continued

Metro Phoenix “Sooners”

Arizona has also seen “Sooners”, somewhat similar to those of Oklahoma, except the Arizona version are after land with houses on them. In a collection of articles publish in the Arizona Republic today, Phoenix metro becomes virtual investor’s housing market and Investors scoop up metro Phoenix houses, Catherine Reagor and Matthew Dempsey chronicle a very important part of the housing “recovery” that has … Continued

Stellar Airpark Stupidity

Stellar Airpark is a privately owned, public use airport that has existed since about 1975. It was originally created by the farmer who owned the land, then well-west of the town of Chandler AZ, who also owned a small airplane. There was little in the area except farm fields. In relatively few years, it developed into a very unique residential … Continued

Social Security BS

Please ignore the political rhetoric!   SOCIAL SECURITY … 1 – is NOT connected to governmental budget deficits 2 – is NOT going broke … for a long time, at least, and with minor changes likely never 3 – is NOT solely for retirement 4 – is NOT sufficient for retirement The article linked below explains this rather … Continued

May The Flame Be With You!

P.R. “Randy” Cooney taught some of our first real estate classes nearly twenty years ago, and he’s still teaching such classes. He published an article in the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business last month that I found rather inspiring. It’s about Olympics contestants. Randy included several quotes by Olympic winners, including this one that I thought most … Continued