Critical Elements – To get it Sold!

  • Presentation … what people see, smell, hear, feel, perceive.
  • Positioning … relative to other homes for sale. Location is the basic positioning factor. Condition, quality of finish, and amenities are also part of positioning. In advertising these, the presentation techniques, materials, and media used can be as important as the facts, at least to get home shoppers to come “take a look”.
  • Accessibility … convenience for the buyer to “take a look” is critical. No lockbox, for example, can mean “No Sale” for many extra weeks, maybe even months.
  • Exposure … making the world aware of your home, and promptly responding to inquiries. The Internet is increasingly the most important media for effective exposure, and the quality of Presentation here is critical, as well as the quality and number websites where exposed.
  • Listing Price … is a range, not a number, that’s affected by all of the above elements. Relative motivation of the seller verses the buyer usually determines where in that range an agreement is ultimately made.

These five elements apply to marketing of any product, including real real estate.
How to Sell a Home ... Step by Step

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