Selling Arizona real estate

Arizona Home Sale Closing – Likely not what you think!

As defined in the Purchase Contract -Feb2017,  an Arizona home sale closing is a very specific and precise event. “Closing” is the moment of recording of transaction documents at the County Recorder office where the property is located. An Arizona home sale transaction closing does NOT occur when the seller and/or buyer sign their respective … Continued

Flipping Homes – Facelift to Teardown

Flipping Homes – buying properties to promptly resale at a profit. A rare idea just a couple of decades ago, is being attempted rather commonly these days. And with an extreme range of results – from spectacular success to equally spectacular failure. Is there an overall indicator of the likely success level that can be … Continued

Lies, Damned Lies and … Zestimates

Housing Market Stats

Let me be clear:  the Zillow “Zestimate” home value estimates are as good as those from any other “automated valuation model” (AVM). Unfortunately, as will be evidenced below, all AVMs are unreliable predictors of the price buyers are likely to be willing to pay for a specific property because … (1) the data AVMs have … Continued

TRID … a BIG factor to Home Sales with a Loan Involved

If a home purchase transaction is an all-cash deal, TRID doesn’t apply. If the purchase is financed, TRID regulations structure the process and very much affect timing of various loan origination process events and the close date. Truth In Lending Integrated Disclosure Rules … TRID. As mandated by the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act, as of … Continued

NEGOTIATION – Price is just one issue

“The most important factor to getting what you want is to know what you want, and in priority order.” Most home buyers and sellers have a preferred transaction close date based on their plans for the immediate future. Most also have some idea for price, but the logic behind that number is usually not nearly so … Continued

Staging a Home for Sale … It works!

Indeed, staging works! … both to sell more quickly and for a higher price. The “before” and “after” photos below reflects an extreme make-over, but only for the starting point. The “after” here very much illustrates the “staging” objectives for spaciousness, attractiveness and just a generally nice place to be. If you have ever walked … Continued

Listing Price – Get it Right … or Else!

In a reasonably “normal” market, the best chance for selling your property is within the first two or three weeks it is listed. The first Buyers through will have been looking for a while, probably at homes very similar to yours; they will know that “market” very well, probably better than you or your agent … Continued

NPV – An important Acronym for Homeowners

NPV – Net Present Value … is especially important to “underwater” homeowners. A “hardship” letter is a basic part of every “package” that goes to a lender to justify a loan modification, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or some other form of debt “write off”. With this letter, the borrower is explaining to the lender why the “relief” sought … Continued

How to Move and Avoid the Move-Twice Conundrum

Most folks must sell their present home to have the funds necessary to buy another. Even with financial capacity to buy without selling, nobody wants the financial burden of unoccupied real estate. And nobody wants to move twice, as would be required for a time-lapse of more than a couple days between the sale and … Continued

The 5 Critical Marketing Elements

Critical Elements – To get it Sold! Presentation … what people see, smell, hear, feel, perceive. Positioning … relative to other homes for sale. Location is the basic positioning factor. Condition, quality of finish, and amenities are also part of positioning. In advertising these, the presentation techniques, materials, and media used can be as important as the … Continued