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metro-Phoenix Property Taxes

Did you pick the right city? This may come as a surprise … in the metro-Phoenix area, it doesn’t matter much where you live … the property tax will be about the same for your home no matter where it’s located. Included here is the important part of a property tax report published by the … Continued

Tortilla Flat

Tortilla Flat is, literally, a “wide spot in the road”, yet it’s been on every AZ map I’ve seen for 60 years. Originally it was a “change station”.  Mules pulling construction materials up the road to build Roosevelt dam were switched for a fresh team. Now it’s a general store and a saloon, i.e., a … Continued

May The Flame Be With You!

P.R. “Randy” Cooney taught some of our first real estate classes nearly twenty years ago, and he’s still teaching such classes. He published an article in the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business last month that I found rather inspiring. It’s about Olympics contestants. Randy included several quotes by Olympic winners, including this one that I thought most … Continued

Galleria in Milan – First and still Best

Since this is a real estate blog, I’ll take care of the real estate part first. The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (yeah, just “Galleria” for me, too) in Milan Italy, was the first “mall” – initial construction was completed about 1881. Four stories tall, totally enclosed under a glass roof, four open-ended wings … in terms … Continued

Brain Management – Do-able and Needed

Does brain activity cause you sleeping problems? Are you slow getting tasks underway in  the morning? Do important issues frequently get overlooked? Well, these and other such stresses happen to me and I believe I’ve found a cure. First, it seems to me that brain “clutter” is the root problem, which is unavoidable in modern-day … Continued