Buying Arizona Real estate

metro-Phoenix Property Taxes

Did you pick the right city? This may come as a surprise … in the metro-Phoenix area, it doesn’t matter much where you live … the property tax will be about the same for your home no matter where it’s located. Included here is the important part of a property tax report published by the … Continued

Arizona Home Sale Closing – Likely not what you think!

As defined in the Purchase Contract -Feb2017,  an Arizona home sale closing is a very specific and precise event. “Closing” is the moment of recording of transaction documents at the County Recorder office where the property is located. An Arizona home sale transaction closing does NOT occur when the seller and/or buyer sign their respective … Continued

Credit Rating – Current scope too limited

What payment histories are considered in determining a credit rating? How many of the following do you think are included … Rent payments? Utility payments? Cell phone network payments? Consider this situation … we’ll use “Kelly” as the name of a hypothetical young man or woman who graduates college, having been able to do so … Continued

FREE MONEY!! AzHFA – Renters … Check this out!

Mr/Ms. Renter … You are likely paying more to rent than you would pay monthly to buy the equivalent home or condo!  In Maricopa County, i.e., metro-Phoenix, rents have increased that much, interest rates are still that low, and home prices are still reasonable. While low rates is good news, there’s even better news!  You may … Continued

Flipping Homes – Facelift to Teardown

Flipping Homes – buying properties to promptly resale at a profit. A rare idea just a couple of decades ago, is being attempted rather commonly these days. And with an extreme range of results – from spectacular success to equally spectacular failure. Is there an overall indicator of the likely success level that can be … Continued

Lies, Damned Lies and … Zestimates

Housing Market Stats

Let me be clear:  the Zillow “Zestimate” home value estimates are as good as those from any other “automated valuation model” (AVM). Unfortunately, as will be evidenced below, all AVMs are unreliable predictors of the price buyers are likely to be willing to pay for a specific property because … (1) the data AVMs have … Continued

Arizona Home Buyer Assistance

Arizona is a great place to live, but not because of consistent progressiveness across the gamut of life issues. Our politicians are about as muddled and “backwards” as can be, but in some ways Arizona is a model for how to do things right. A great example is the variety of Arizona home buyer assistance … Continued

Where to live? Making your choice

Where to live, of course, is not always a matter of choice. Individuals and families often must go where the job demands. Even in the working years, and commonly in retirement, where to live is the most basic issue. Factors very commonly used for choosing where to live are: Mild climate Low crime rate Low cost of living … Continued

TRID … a BIG factor to Home Sales with a Loan Involved

If a home purchase transaction is an all-cash deal, TRID doesn’t apply. If the purchase is financed, TRID regulations structure the process and very much affect timing of various loan origination process events and the close date. Truth In Lending Integrated Disclosure Rules … TRID. As mandated by the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act, as of … Continued