Buying Arizona Real estate

TRID … a BIG factor to Home Sales with a Loan Involved

If a home purchase transaction is an all-cash deal, TRID doesn’t apply. If the purchase is financed, TRID regulations structure the process and very much affect timing of various loan origination process events and the close date. Truth In Lending Integrated Disclosure Rules … TRID. As mandated by the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act, as of … Continued

Horrid Home Investment Article USA Today Feb 19

Fact – Renting is distant 2nd choice most times. “Stinkin’ thinkin” is the label Ken Fisher puts on buying a home verses renting. A truly pathetic pronouncement, especially coming from someone who claims to be an investment guru. Chain up your finances when this clown comes around. In metro Phoenix, and likely also true in … Continued

Free Money … Really!

A “grant” of up to $15,000 that you NEVER pay back in any form or fashion … this seems like free money to me! The Industrial Development Authority of (1) Maricopa County and (2) Phoenix have joined to assist home buyers to obtain FHA, VA, or USDA-RD financing to purchase a home anywhere in Maricopa County. Through the Home in Five Advantage … Continued

NEGOTIATION – Price is just one issue

“The most important factor to getting what you want is to know what you want, and in priority order.” Most home buyers and sellers have a preferred transaction close date based on their plans for the immediate future. Most also have some idea for price, but the logic behind that number is usually not nearly so … Continued

Critical Home Inspection Mistakes

Home inspection mistakes … by the buyer or the seller … can be “biggies” … causing the deal to be lost, and/or costing lots of extra money, and/or creating a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration. Read on to learn how to avoid them. Mr/Ms Buyer … most important … (1) hire a good inspector! Just like all other … Continued

Phoenix Home Search – Best So Far Technique

The #5 step in our recommended approach to purchasing a metro Phoenix home is the step where you would be considering individual properties – the Phoenix home search activity itself. Of course, just getting in the car and driving around is a rather silly waste of time compared to almost any alternative, but an amazing number of people … Continued

Phoenix Home Purchase – Step by Step

For a Phoenix home purchase, or in any metro area actually, following is an outline for a smart, focused approach to produce the desired results, in the shortest time, for the lowest price, and with minimum stress … in fact, just knowing you’re following a well-conceived plan can make the process fun! Step #1 – … Continued

Home Present Value

Home Wealth Building … is it Real? This article is not about Rent verses Buy … it’s about Investment … how good, or not good, the investment in your home really is. Face it, “home” is real estate that you own – or may buy – that needs to be looked at with the same … Continued

How to Move and Avoid the Move-Twice Conundrum

Most folks must sell their present home to have the funds necessary to buy another. Even with financial capacity to buy without selling, nobody wants the financial burden of unoccupied real estate. And nobody wants to move twice, as would be required for a time-lapse of more than a couple days between the sale and … Continued

Buyer – You NEED exclusive representation!

The basic issue … in Arizona, the broker/agent you see named in any form of advertisement or promotion for a new or re-sale property is to some extent the representative of the Seller of that property. He/she has specific duties to the Seller and is legally limited in giving you advice as a Buyer. New … Continued