The basic issue … in Arizona, the broker/agent you see named in any form of advertisement or promotion for a new or re-sale property is to some extent the representative of the Seller of that property. He/she has specific duties to the Seller and is legally limited in giving you advice as a Buyer.

New Home Emphasis … the builder’s salesperson is limited both by law and builder policies in the advice that can be given to the buyer … in fact … 100% of builders require buyers to sign a form  acknowledging that the office salesperson represents the builder and is restricted in the advice that can be given to the buyer.

For example, an agent representing a seller, exclusively or as a “dual” agent, may NOT say something like any of the following to a buyer

  • “These large windows are impressive, but may increase your utility bills”
  • “This home backs west. That patio is likely not usable June through August”
  • “That’s a busy street behind during rush hour that’s only going to get busier over time. It will be a significant resale issue”
  • “This list price is definitely over value for this property”

… all constitute “advice” contrary to the interests of the seller.

Every home buyer needs and deserves exclusive representation … and it’s FREE!

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