metro-Phoenix Property Taxes

Did you pick the right city? This may come as a surprise … in the metro-Phoenix area, it doesn’t matter much where you live … the property tax will be about the same for your home no matter where it’s located. Included here is the important part of a property tax report published by the … Continued

Why is everyone so busy?

The gadgets make everything easy and quick … Right? The adage “time is money” goes a long way toward explaining our business. And there’s another … “The job always fills the time available”. And if it doesn’t, we manage to change the job until it does … even with tech advances that should increase free … Continued

Is there a Peak Time of Day for Everything You Do?

When to do what! Students cramming in homework after dinner … Good or bad time for that? Researchers have found we retain information best when we read in the evening. In fact, science seems to have identified optimal times for everything from working out, to looking for an apartment, to reading tweets—not to be confused … Continued

For Light Bulbs – Take This with You

Suggestion:  Print this post to take on your trip to buy light bulbs. The Bottom Line … LED lights are far the best choice, but read the label carefully to match needed characteristics … like for being dimmable, or not, and being workable in a 3-way socket, or not … and for color – “Warm/Soft”  … Continued

Basics for Keeping Your Devices Hack Free

Devices … Computers, cell phones, tablets and network routers. Most important … Keep your operating software up to date … automatically is far best to be sure it stays current. Then, make sure the that security software is active. IOS, Windows, and Android all have good security software … but only if it’s working. Windows … Continued

8 Easy Energy-Saving Tips

Running an energy-efficient home doesn’t necessarily entail buying expensive solar panels or wind generators. Neither does it mean you have to wear your outdoor clothes inside in winter to stop shivering, or a swim suite in summer! Here are 8 useful tips. Laundry: Wait until you have a full load of laundry and run the … Continued