Home Present Value

Home Wealth Building … is it Real? This article is not about Rent verses Buy … it’s about Investment … how good, or not good, the investment in your home really is. Face it, “home” is real estate that you own – or may buy – that needs to be looked at with the same … Continued

Community Profile – Scottsdale

Scottsdale Arizona – A city with “vision and attitude” Founded in 1888 by US Army Chaplain Winfield Scott to support a collection of cattle ranches, Scottsdale has become, perhaps, the most “cosmopolitan” community in Arizona. It now covers 185 square miles, being 30 miles in length north-south, and is home to about 250,000 citizens. Scottsdale … Continued

How to Move and Avoid the Move-Twice Conundrum

Most folks must sell their present home to have the funds necessary to buy another. Even with financial capacity to buy without selling, nobody wants the financial burden of unoccupied real estate. And nobody wants to move twice, as would be required for a time-lapse of more than a couple days between the sale and … Continued

Brain Management – Do-able and Needed

Does brain activity cause you sleeping problems? Are you slow getting tasks underway in  the morning? Do important issues frequently get overlooked? Well, these and other such stresses happen to me and I believe I’ve found a cure. First, it seems to me that brain “clutter” is the root problem, which is unavoidable in modern-day … Continued

Buyer – You NEED exclusive representation!

The basic issue … in Arizona, the broker/agent you see named in any form of advertisement or promotion for a new or re-sale property is to some extent the representative of the Seller of that property. He/she has specific duties to the Seller and is legally limited in giving you advice as a Buyer. New … Continued

The 5 Critical Marketing Elements

Critical Elements – To get it Sold! Presentation … what people see, smell, hear, feel, perceive. Positioning … relative to other homes for sale. Location is the basic positioning factor. Condition, quality of finish, and amenities are also part of positioning. In advertising these, the presentation techniques, materials, and media used can be as important as the … Continued

5040 E Robin Ln – Phoenix 85054

This home is a true Gem! That’s located in a Gem of a community – upscale Glen Eagle, which is surrounded by the golf courses of the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort. The Floor Plan, Finish,  Condition, Lot … even its location within Glen Eagle are all exceptional! Updates include Roof & HVAC. Features include … Continued

Things to Do in Phoenix

With Phoenix, Arizona being such a heavily populated region, you can rest assured that no matter your age, background, gender, skill level, financial bracket, or personal belief systems, there is always something for you to do in Phoenix – indoors or out! From gardens and museums to galleries and monuments, from zoo experiences to water … Continued

Closing Costs for Home Buyers

Buying a home, you likely anticipated needing a down payment and moving expenses, but you may not have considered the rather substantial fees and expenditures known as closing costs. Closing costs are explained below, as well as the ways and means of minimizing them, and possibly avoiding them all together. What Are Closing Costs? Closing … Continued

Things to Consider when Pricing Your Home for Sale

Selling your house is hard. You’d rather focus on the chapter that’s ahead of you than the one you’re preparing to close. You’re thinking of packing, loading trucks, transferring utilities, and tending to the details of your future. But you’ve still got to sell the house you’re in, which means you’ve got to price it … Continued