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Brain Management – Do-able and Needed

Does brain activity cause you sleeping problems? Are you slow getting tasks underway in  the morning? Do important issues frequently get overlooked? Well, these and other such stresses happen to me and I believe I’ve found a cure. First, it seems to me that brain “clutter” is the root problem, which is unavoidable in modern-day … Continued

Things to Do in Phoenix

With Phoenix, Arizona being such a heavily populated region, you can rest assured that no matter your age, background, gender, skill level, financial bracket, or personal belief systems, there is always something for you to do in Phoenix – indoors or out! From gardens and museums to galleries and monuments, from zoo experiences to water … Continued

Education System Evaluation

Education system evaluation … How to measure the ROI … return on investment. The Washington, D.C., Center for American Progress identified eight Arizona school districts, Chandler, Dysart, Higley, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Queen Creek, Gilbert and Mesa public schools as high-achievement, low-cost operations. The data was for the 2010-11 school year. 7,000 school districts nationally were evaluated each of which included the entire … Continued

Retire to metro Phoenix? Good idea!

Most financial publications will include a “Top Ten Best Places to Retire” article every few years. I’ve not once seen Phoenix, or any other of the couple dozen communities in the metro area, included on one of these lists. In all honesty, that seems like a severe oversight, especially considering how many people actually retire here. Yes, … Continued

High-rise Condos are back – so is AZ homes market

This is the surest possible sign that the metro-Phoenix housing market is back. High-rise condos are the type of dwelling that is the “last to rise” with an improving “market tide”, and the “first to fall” when that tide goes out. In an Arizona Republic article today, one existing project and three new-construction projects are reported to be  “full speed … Continued

Tortilla Flat

Tortilla Flat is, literally, a “wide spot in the road”, yet it’s been on every AZ map I’ve seen for 60 years. Originally it was a “change station”.  Mules pulling construction materials up the road to build Roosevelt dam were switched for a fresh team. Now it’s a general store and a saloon, i.e., a … Continued

Sun City Evolution

A front-page article in the AZ Republic today documents the ongoing Sun City Evolution, the significant “shifts” in this concept-originating community. But I believe “transition” may be more descriptive than “evolution” of what’s going on there. We have managed a good many purchase and sale transactions over the years in Sun City and there seems to be a very significant difference these days in the mindset of … Continued

Barrio Cafe … G-R-E-A-T Place

First, the bottom line … the Barrio Cafe … at 2814 N 16th Street toward downtown Phoenix … is near the top of the list of any place we have EVER eaten …this is true for every meal we have eaten there on about a half-dozen visits … THE BEST – EVERY TIME. We know that the above opinion … Continued