Arizona’s capital is Phoenix, Arizona’s most populous city, and the seat of Maricopa County. This city is also the fifth most populous city in the nation and the most populous state capital in the United States. More than 4.2 million residents have made the “Valley of the Sun” their home, as the metro-Phoenix area is referred to. Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona and is among the largest cities in the country. Spanning 517 square miles, and coming in at two times the size of Tucson, this city is in the northeastern segment of the Sonoran Desert, in the south central part of Arizona, in the southwestern United States.

South-central Arizona has the fewest and least severe weather and geological events of any area in the United States. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes do occur, but rarely, and then usually in mild form. Ice and snow storms are non-existent. Wind storms are the most significant threat. Referred to as “haboobs”, the winds can develop unexpectedly, be quite strong and carry a lot of dust, but rarely last more than a few minutes. Two or three a year is typical. Most do little more than get everything dirty, but some do significant property damage and occasionally cause multi-car freeway crashes.

Originally a resort city, Phoenix experiences sunshine 299 days out of every year with high summer temperatures around 106 degrees and winter lows well above freezing at 42 degrees. There are only 20 days annually with measurable precipitation, accounting for less than 8 inches of rain and no snow.

Phoenix is sandwiched about half way between Tuscon to the southeast, and Flagstaff to the north. The city is divided into urban  villages, each with a planning committee.

Arizona does not observe daylight savings time.

Phoenix is rich in performing arts, museums, fine arts, architecture, tourism, cuisine, sports, parks and recreation, and so much more to offer.

As of 2016, residents of Phoneix, on average, earn annual household incomes of around $48,452, just below the $51,492 state average. Homes in Phoenix hold average values of around $200,800, which is slightly above the $194,300 state average.

33 school districts are sharing the responsibility of educating students living in Phoenix, Arizona in Maricopa County.

Phoenix has the benefit of the Valley Metro bus and light rail systems for public transportation, and the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for air travel.

Phoenix has a lot to offer for recreation including zoos, botanical gardens, hiking in the mountains, relaxing on the river, museums, sports games, science centers, festivals, and more. There are restaurants, shops, golf courses, spas, and every creature comfort you could imagine.

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